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The failure of the devil 2010-03-08 05:54

Runescape Gold can keep us in a safe situation, no one can refuse this thing, even more we can go to attack enemies, so that we need make full use of this gold and value it. In much time it can settle problems, of course, it can help us pass some traps, and we need be careful to face it. I will tell you the advantage, I think you will be very interested in this part, and that is the looting town.
The looting the town and team skills on the power, I played three numbers, each job is played, and find most of unity must be evil, and second is, once again is the magic.
First is what robbed sky array, the devil grabbed sky the number of array pathetic, why do people shorter? Days every time we force the people into a minority, mainly on our side of the heart is incomplete, and will not be playing with the individual heroism Obviously, a red into the middle of town, wherever there is a need? When you enter the middle, you need be first to work with evil, of course, and we would be eaten. Another point is that can not withstand the temptation, others a long-range players to harass and let us know, we have begun to catch on, and suddenly the team with extremely long, so the need to do, he was only one person they have a long-range attack players that we did not? Close combat player plus you run over people a twenty percent rate of long-range players do? Run, however, run chase, but also what the teams honestly stay inside.
At the beginning of the harassment of stations for long-range distance, the soldiers when the shield on the list. Close combat teams ran out of players not too far from the beginning is also less than melee players, and a fight started basically harassing warfare, we first Do not go to the middle of red, first time together, etc. is estimated that only about 2 minutes while the other two forces have also played almost in the number of people take a look at our side, and their numbers as much, if we are together to the center, then killing.

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Tanks job of Eve 2010-03-08 05:53

Eve isk provides a floor for us to play, we can make full use of it, and then our arms have been gathering for our best. I think as players, we have some friends, and they can help us to pass some trouble. During most situations, we can learn skills from them who have many experiences, and we can also buy cheap arms. Only see that what we can do, and we need argue for some chances. Tank is the most important in a party, we need value it. As a member in the team, we have some rules which we need obey, and otherwise, we maybe out of this part. If the tank is dying, well then the party will be dying. Here are some tips about tanks job.
Tanks job is that tanks must use taunt two lure mobs never charge or walk towards a mob, I think you can operate well, and we can make great progress. Now I will tell you from one step to another, if you will do not understand what I say, and you can ask me to introduce in part time. But you need remember these tips, and most of them are useful for you to play.
1) Make the mob come to you
2) Never leave the tanking area
3) If a mob heads for healers/nurses, it should be decided ahead of time which tank will taunt those mobs
4) Keeping mobs distracted is top priority
5) Always have backup NPC gear, just in case your gear gets damaged
6) Only use kb to protect healers/nurses
Game gold is on hot sale at the moment at our website. We always have much gold for sale. We promise that our price is the lowest. We also sale game money service, you will obtain the best service and the fast delivery. If you have more guides, welcome to post here.

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Trade Outposts and Bargain Goods 2010-03-02 04:28

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold which is my favorite and I often try my best to get it is the center of the game, I am clever to use it to change for useful things, such as skills, arms and so on.
Other than the towns, there are some trade outposts on the map where the goods can be sold and bought. But they are somewhat unique themselves because they do not function the same way as regular Specialty Shops. First, the specialties dealer will not want to make business with you, so you will have to convince him by doing a small quest. Go to a town and equip your merchant flag.
1. Bandit Den Trade Outpost (Tiger Mountain Region) It is located inside the Bandit Den, a building a bit north of the main central building, and it is available after level 20.
Quest: Deliver an item to some Ginseng on Barroom Street of Jungian (near the entrance to the Thief Town), then kill 20 White Tigers.
2. Black Robber Den Trade Outpost (Trim Basin Region)
It is located inside the valley of the main Black Robber Stronghold, go down the Southeast path, a small tent, and it is available after level 30.
Quest: Deliver an item to the Storekeeper on Downrange (the bulky man that usually speaks nothing) and kill 20 dollars.
3. Nay Remains Trade Outpost (Taklimakan Region)
It is inside a destroyed house in the northern part of the Nay Remains circle, and it is available after level 60.
Quest: Deliver an item to Samoa of Honan and kill 20 Sharma.
Thanks yoyo for the info
4. Evil Order Trade Outpost (Minor Asia Region)
The DDO Online site mentions this outpost but I did not locate the NPC, so I presume it is closed for now.

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The simple route of practicing level 2010-03-02 04:28

Asda Story gold needs you to choose old at the top of that region and the valley of the lower right of that immortality, and my personal proposed first is that die land. Ran all the way to pick up two camps in light of all tasks, and then to light. To the remaining tasks in this region are white exclamation points in.
Almost forty three of you to continue to do old at the top of the region, this region has several small copies, of which there is a small copy of the strange brush quickly get game gold is not bad, if the task is not enough to upgrade, can serve as a transition. Although the appropriate level of immortality, but the land is not suitable brush strange pvp server upgrades. The reason is simple. Back to the old light made after all the tasks requested the brush to forty five. The task is not enough to this level. Several tasks should be finished, and I think you can do well in this time.
Explained, first of all there should be a black skull task, real icon wrong. Do not walk, by the icon on the left marked the resurrection point of fact, in the region next to the left in the blood pool. Marked on the right of an empty field in this region of re-turn right. There is a soldier for you, and his mission to find the task will not kill all the strange, entered immediately after the stairs, can not kill do not come to kill, or else the next stage of the task you will find that there is not enough to blame falling. Because the copy will not be refreshed, another copy, allows you to kill individuals. Results 2 floor to the top of the building that Fujiko display subtitles, but there is no point of gear.

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Journey murder 2010-03-02 04:28

aion gold sends us into stealth over cracks to release points, the most importance is that we should not be too hidden, and almost secret is exposed. They roaming the land to see more people on the state, which means that distinction, do not open killing and stealth are killing in the past to open this feelings or surprise. The descent, long distance patterns, dizziness off, and no death were too stronger.
The fist is to see guard, if we do not grasp the flash, there is sure on the last, I have the last to see him guarding the hidden equipment is too gorgeous to flash people, more trash, they can still play. He opened a suit of armor that we run, consumption of death, he was caught eating yellow water and then run, do not run away of the state your water and then run, do not run away of the state your equipment really well, ran off slowly, and so a suit of armor did not rush to go to kill him in running, so he was grinding die.
The second is to see the wizard, this is not to say, if it was lost to attack the wizard and then there is no solution. The third is to see killing star, there is some way like the guard play, killing star that do not have balance sword will not lose, unless his equipment is the rather most strongest.
The forth is to see bow star, this career annoyed, if you do not kill him, and then that you wanted to run is difficult, but under normal circumstances. I think that you did not run out of a set of skills, and he was in end early. The same stealth, he intended to kill immediately behind the surprise attack on the opening. The descent, long distance patterns, dizziness off. On the wild beasts, aerial bombardment, no death, then fill the beating, pay attention and open to avoid jumping, jump break descent, to avoid breaking patterns blast.

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A Caravan Guide 2010-03-02 04:27

tera gold is used by us in the game but it is really very valuable for us, and we often talk that how to earn it as soon as possible. We enter into this game to show our feelings, I think we can do well in the game, and now you can have a look to guide.
After that you are done readying yourself for a job, its time to get started. Look for other traders and hunters that can/want to join you and organize a caravan. Hunters and traders must be on the same party. Do not try to have more traders than hunters, because NPC Thieves are usually overwhelming, and the less hunters, the harder it is to wear them off the caravan and the more punishment the traders and their transports take.
Traders must choose between a camel and a horse for transporting goods. A camel (or in high levels, an Ox) has high HP and carries more goods than a horse can without changing stars (trade difficulty), but is slow. A Horse has smaller HP and carries fewer goods, but can run much faster. It is completely up to the traders to choose which transport to use and all should use the same kind of transport to not combine disadvantages.
Traders also should be wary and buy some replacement transport in case it dies on the middle of the trade and you still have a chance on reclaiming the goods. Pet Potions (sold at the stable) are a must to keep the transport alive and keep the caravan running smoothly. A rule a trader soon learns: There are never enough pet potions: Buy the most you can. If you run out of them, you will have to rely on someone helping you to restock them, and that is not always an option. Other news I will tell you next time, and I think you can do well.

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