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Silkroad Online Strength Fire Builds Guide 2010-03-15 06:37

Silkroad gold makes great progress in the game, and we need value it. Now you can share with my experience, and you can have a good time. The strength fire builds are exactly what they sound to be. They are tankers. They deal less damage then the nuke, but can tank much more. They have more HP and do much better in PVP and 1v1 combat then the nuke.
Glaive: The advantage of the glaive is the high close range damage and the splash damage. You can kill anything around you, and you are hard to mob. You are very strong, and you deal high damage also. Blade: The blade build is the weakest damage builds around, but the strongest tank builds possible. They are the slowest leveling build, but the best possible PvP build around. They can tank tons, and use less pot. Masteries: A strength fire build, no matter which one has the same mastery goal. This way you can keep the weapon mastery maxed for maximum damage, the fire mastery high for great fire damage and buffs, and the lighting masters will also be at a good spot to give you great mobility. Force Skills: The skills are simple for a fire strength build. In lighting you will want to max out the passive and the run. Lighting will max at 52 and will be an easy job just to max out these two skills. In fire you will want to max out all the skills except for the nuke and firewall. Weapon skills: This is where it begins to get complicated. Each weapon has its own set of skills that work best. Some weapons such as glaives have 3 skills that are needed, and some such as blade have a large number of skills that are needed.
A blade character should max out his passive and his 5 hit combos. 5 hit will be the core of his build. Then a bladder needs all his knockdown moves max, and all his stab moves max. These are the main pvp moves. A glaive character has to max out his passive and the skills over 200. These include: Ghost Spear, Soul Spear, and flying dragon. These skills will be his basic attacking skills.

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Ways of grinding 2010-03-15 06:37

Runescape Gold acts different things in the game, for example, in the game if you want to get a different skills or stronger than others, you can use it to change for it from old players, and you can do things that you like with it. You need pay attention to ways of grinding, and you can learn enough things from it.
Definition of Grinding: Leveling non stop using a proven system to out level normal. The first things you need to do it open up the options. Change the pick up hotkey to space. This will improve your grinding time a lot.
Advantage of a fast Run: A fast run is one of the most important things when it comes to leveling. Let us do some basic math. If it takes you 6 seconds (one imbue) to kill a mob, and 12 seconds to get to the next mob, that would mean that you get one kill every 18 seconds. What if you could cut down the 12 seconds of walking down to 6 seconds? You will level 33% faster. That right there is an incredible increase in leveling. A good way to run really fast to a mob is to have flash-run. Then you select a mob, point over its head, and hit the flash-run hotkey. As soon as you begin to flash-run, hit your attack hotkey, and you will flash run, then begin to run at the mob, with no time wasted just standing there. This is also a great way to catch people running away from you in a job suit.
The Perfect Grind: The perfect grind is a concept that allows players to have more focus and structure when grinding. A perfect grind is when you pot up, pill up, repair your equipment, then go out to level and stay there until your weapon durability reaches 6 and begins to break. This will give you something to look forward to every 2 hours, and you will know exactly when its time to go and repot. Each build has a different amount of pots they need to bring with them to archive the perfect grind.

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Talk about the C family of vultures 2010-03-15 06:36

Eve isk is so popular among players, we all like to play it, we often value it when fighting, and also we can make great progress. I directly talk about the C race of vultures, it is a very good entry level attack frigates, people who really understand it know that the number C clan battle cruiser change until it can be opened, and it can adapt to any fighting in the early missions. Vulture advantages are the following, and I think you can do well in this part.
Value this chance and make a good result, the first part of vultures is cheap, needless to mention the explosion of none distressed, in fact, it is an absolutely good opportunity for tea and a small explosion. The second is fast, plus one hundred and fifteen percent or one hundred and twenty percent advance, and then school three to four grade navigation, speed near the one thousand meters per second, run fast will surely be much more secure, play tricks are also more mobile and flexible and how opponents were tortured. The third is the missile range, which is far and most people like the local vulture, each school a caldaria missile frigate theories, plus a range of ten percent, according to the popular characters to build law most people tend to have four, then plus a full forty percent of the range, equipped with appropriate skills, the words of vultures over a range up to forty five kilo meters, as for shortcomings, primarily based lock is low, but there are ways to let us make up, secondly, the thin impatience to play.
Vulture configuration, belonging to more extreme ideas, has some hands-on experience for players. The high slot is 2 light guides. In slot 1 is the afterburner, of course, the higher the better; if you are afraid, then the expense of speed of installing a shield repair. In slot 2 is the sensor booster, it can be increased by 50% of the lock-distance, and very cheap. Low trough is an attack type, and you can control the loading Road. Defensive type can be attached to a loaded, damage control, abnormal signal-type effects that can be installed.

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Strength building 2010-03-15 06:36

Dungeon Fighter gold helps you finish a few perfect grinds in your experiment, and you can find out the exact amount you will need to bring. This will cut down on shortages in pots or mp pots when you are out leveling. You will be able to stay out longer, and waste less time running to town. This concept allows players to level much faster and stay out much longer.
Green Mobs over White (Strength builds only): For strength build there are times when fighting green mobs is better for leveling. If you can kill a mob in one combo and one or two normal attacks, then that is an ideal way to level. The best way to gain EXP or gold is to gain it at a fast rate. High exp/Long time is the same as low exp or low time. What you need to find is a place where you get average exp/low time. This will be the best place to level at. One Shot (Int. builds only): For a build it is all about the rate at which you kill. If you can one shot a mob with a nuke, then that is where you should level at. Find the highest level mob that you can one shot and you will find the fastest leveling place you can possible be at. Leveling Rate: This is the rate at which a professional grinder can go at (6 hours a day of Grinding): if you are at the level one to twenty, you need spend near tow days to work out it. Than you are during twenty to thirty levels you need take five to seven days, and you will spend days which are increasing when your level are high. The highest level you at eighty to ninety and you need take sixty to one hundred days.
This is my talk and maybe there are some mistakes, and hope you can give me some advice. Let us get progress together.

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A Caravan Guide 2010-03-08 05:55

tera gold is used by us in the game but it is really very valuable for us, and we often talk that how to earn it as soon as possible. We enter into this game to show our feelings, I think we can do well in the game, and now you can have a look to guide.
After that you are done readying yourself for a job, its time to get started. Look for other traders and hunters that can/want to join you and organize a caravan. Hunters and traders must be on the same party. Do not try to have more traders than hunters, because NPC Thieves are usually overwhelming, and the less hunters, the harder it is to wear them off the caravan and the more punishment the traders and their transports take.
Traders must choose between a camel and a horse for transporting goods. A camel (or in high levels, an Ox) has high HP and carries more goods than a horse can without changing stars (trade difficulty), but is slow. A Horse has smaller HP and carries fewer goods, but can run much faster. It is completely up to the traders to choose which transport to use and all should use the same kind of transport to not combine disadvantages.
Traders also should be wary and buy some replacement transport in case it dies on the middle of the trade and you still have a chance on reclaiming the goods. Pet Potions (sold at the stable) are a must to keep the transport alive and keep the caravan running smoothly. A rule a trader soon learns: There are never enough pet potions: Buy the most you can. If you run out of them, you will have to rely on someone helping you to restock them, and that is not always an option. Other news I will tell you next time, and I think you can do well.

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Start jobbing 2010-03-08 05:55

Silkroad gold which we make full use in the game acts an important role when we fight, and we need master right points to achieve what we think. Pay attention to some skills, than we can make some news that is valuable, and our team can finish this job well.
The first thing you must do before starting a job now is to decide which one you will be. A trader buys the goods and sells them elsewhere for profit, while the hunters protect them from the NPC Thieves and Player Thieves that might want to take the goods away. Needless to say, those of lower level might prefer being a trader to be protected by the high level hunters, still the choice is yours to make.
When you decide which job you will act, go to the respective association somewhere in town. That is the Merchant Union for traders and the Hunter Guild for hunters. The Hunter Guild is displayed on the map, while the Merchant Union is close to the Specialties Shop (which in turn is displayed on the map). When you get to the NPC you were looking for, talk to him and chose the option Join the union. That should be the second option. From this point on, you cannot change your job easily anymore without suffering heavy penalties that include 7 days with no job and a sum of gold.
After you join the union, you have to create an Alias. That will be the false name that will identify you while you are jobbing. Think a lot on creating one, because after you create it, it is expensive to change it again. Talk to the NPC and chose to create an Alias. Type your desired Alias on the small text box and click on Check for duplicates. In case that name is allowed, the Confirm button will highlight and you can press it. If it is not allowed, the confirm button will stay gray and you will have to try another Alias.

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