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Leveling thirty to thirty two guides 2010-03-29 07:20

Asda Story gold that I think you are interest in is very value to read, and I think you can get a point to go. Now I only tell you leveling thirty to thirty two guides, and you need pay attention to it. This period plays an important part in the game, and I decide you can win or no.
As soon as you break in to the 30 second, your main objective needs to be to grind/quest your way. Your 5th degree weapon and hand-piece is waiting. If you want to just grind and not do any quests, I highly suggest buying a decent amount of medium HP pots and some MP pots and grinding on Blood Flowers. Both are relatively easy to kill. I can not help you much here, but all you need to do is use common sense until you are at 32.
At this level, I suggest you look for your new weapon ASAP. If you can afford it, it will help tremendously with your grinding and helps a lot in PVP. Try to get something and a couple of plus is on it. Now, assuming you has found your weapon/wrist piece, its time to prepare to grind. Buy lots of medium HP pots and a decent amount of MP pots. Keep in mind you will be using a lot of skills, and you will probably lose a decent amount of health. Set your autopen fairly high. This will ensure that if you get horded by three or four mobs, you can make it out alive.
At 32, you should continue to grind. My personal preference is to always grind on something red to me, but not too strong to where I can not take more than two on at once. I suggest finding a nice spot a bit south of the Oasis. At level 32, grinding comes pretty easy. You can level easily in a few hours if you keep at it. The weapon really comes in handy here because you can deliver more damage to mobs higher than you. I suggest always grinding with a friend higher level than you, preferably one that has res. Why? Well, because you will probably die once or twice grinding.

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How to run package 2010-03-29 07:20

aion gold has bound a center point in the game, we only make full use of it to achieve our aim, and also we can change for useful thing for us with some skills or arms. In the fighting, we can be considered to be a team fighting for common interests, and we need help each other, or we may lose in the end. This time I want to teach you how to run package, and you need pay attention to it which is very value for you if you are a packing member.
Packing is best to eat a running volume and only a spot or quickly shield in order to have two monsters that we often say boss, two explosive, open one is enough, so we do not need to waste CD. Quick shield surely are aware that moving to eliminate the negative state. You are not a guard, then the sword, killing both resistant, run quick on the right. You are worth remembering that sometimes the tree will run far atomization, and you do not think that is a hate chaos, and as long as it spots you, and you just go on the upper slopes right, no problem disappears, he will come to  you. Remember not to run over the last pull hate, so if the tree will be in the wrong place exploded out of resentment, that no run was running, waiting to die, the left of the stone pit, is said to be a monster, then go directly back to the blood boss.
This experience is my view, I hope that can help you to improve your level, and I think you can become a good player. But if you have some good ideas, I want to share them with you, than we can work out very well like this package. You must have learnt enough things, and you will do better in the game and become a perfect player.

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Some Hints for Newbie 2010-03-22 06:01

Silkroad gold guides you enter into a high level, I think you can do well in the game, but also you can make good friends when you fighting. Come on, no difficulty is trouble, and people often only see your attitude. But there are some hints for game newbie. Follow these guides, you may level up fast or get game gold easily.
European char is farm gold easier than Chinese. Since they tend to be extreme on either end of the spectrum you can select a Wizard all build, or a Warrior all Star build, on the warrior you will want to go with a sword and shield, with heavy armor. With the wizard you should keep your staff as high a level with as much and to it as you can find/afford. At this time it is not necessary to work on many skills or farm for sp. This is to get you started so you can afford what every build you wish from either nationality.
I have particularly found that getting to level twenty is easy with a wizard, no questing needed, just fight mobs 1-2 levels above your currant level. At level nineteen to twenty go fight Policemen and form a Party, Exp Auto share, Item Auto share with a few others your level. You should even as a mage be able to take these party mobs that have excellent drops, equipment, money, and Elixirs. This should supply you with a good source of cash in which you can finance your other chars. Leveling is not the object, in fact if you can die a few times to stay level twenty it is not a bad idea since once you level to twenty one you cant use the teleport system to return you back to where you last died, or recalled from.

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Do not blindly learning cocoon 2010-03-22 06:01

Runescape Gold lets me study the legendary king Kong cocoon, which is my proud, and look at the introduction said that sixty seconds is invincible. I really was crazy music, and think about unbeatable time of sixty seconds. Kill the task, playing home town is really prepared to travel more than the skills, but when I had the courage to learn, I soon discover regrets now, because that cocoon is blood.
For example my cocoon is now twenty two, full level is thirty, and my skills are now effective duration of sixty seconds. True air care body strength by one hundred and forty percent, basically now a few anti cocoons was broken and super waste blue, which is nearly nine hundred blue, it is still less so to the right skills, but you are on the go to show off what is still possible.
I advised all players not to blindly worship a skill, cocoon only physical attack defense. If you play will be others, because it will swap magic some damage. So now if there are sixty skills have not yet learned the ultimate friend, hope that we first learn skills, rather than the pursuit of the so called invincible defense. To invincible defense, you need practice level well with a butterfly, it is definitely more than the cocoon to the right.
This is only my view to cocoon, and I think you can do well in this game, but not only this job, I have no other senesce to you, and I want to share good skills with you. This skill maybe useful for some players, and also they can do well when they fighting, I think they are perfect. But I am not good at this, maybe the way that I make is wrong, and in future I can get a good method to go smooth.

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Say a few real honest words to the new 2010-03-22 06:01

Eve isk which no one can turn a blind eye to in the game plays an important part, we need it to fight from time to time, and we must make full use of it. Especially, we are new player, our money is limited, and also our ability is simple. Only we can learn things from basic, than we can make some progress. Come on, I think we can do well on way to success.
First, the new face the first thing is to create a character, and it is really important. And the role when you create, than you will not change it, which old players all know. So how to change the distribution is good, the following me, hope that my own views can help you. The first importance of creating characters is what you want to be and occupation. Next I will initials some jobs and I think you can choose what you want.
Soldiers in the game are the most battle hardened professional, of course, you can do the pirates. Therefore, soldiers attack skills which is your survival skills in the future all learn faster, and you need money and do something to use what are the skills that must be learned because as yet understand.
Miners that are you buy things to upgrade the equipment, go to the store to buy the most basic is production industry, the cornerstone of the source material of goods. Typically, each requires a certain amount of goods with the types of ore, miners can be faster and more ore job. Necessity, the skills of miners to the mining industry are learning faster.
Manufacturers have a definite link with the miners because the manufacturer is bound to take minerals, so the manufacturer must also create learning quickly, of course, you can learn the skills of miners also right, but the fast pace did not catch on the miners.

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Fast leveling guide 2010-03-22 06:01

Dungeon Fighter gold help you to see this world, whatever it is beautiful or poor, but I have met this surroundings, this mistake may let me forget our future life, how cure is it. In fact, this morning I am together with a comrade to go to toilet, when she comes back, then I found that I do not take papers, how sad. Than I borrow it from waitress, but she said that she have just come to do it, and I need use money to buy, I know, when I am ok I will send you. But she refuse, which make me sad, how cool she is like society, than a woman borrow it to me, I know it is very thin, but I am much moved.
Now I only tell you some leveling guide in the game, and hope you can do well, when you meet difficulty, you need think out a good idea, and than do not be seen low. Do the quests. Though this seems intuitive, many players disregard this aspect of the game, and feeling solo tasks will not gain them as many experience points as group activities. The purpose of quests is to allow your character to go off the beaten path and explore the world, to aid your quest in earning money and to improve your abilities so you can battle with others with confidence. The creators of DFO feel this is in keeping with real life, so they reward their gamers accordingly.
Kill monsters at slightly higher levels than you. Though you still gain some experience points killing monsters at levels lower than you, it is slow and painstaking. You net more XP killing those who are one to three points higher than you and its much, much faster in the leveling arena. Take extra health and manna potions so your chances of wiping greatly decrease since you can continue to replenish yourself as your character weakens during battle.

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