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Every level to go 2010-04-19 04:07

tera gold contains many parts in the game, of course, if we want that our fighting goes well, we need make full use of it, and than we can learn some skills when we met some high players. Although this level is simple, but we need also pay strict attention to it, or we may lost the great situation. From sixty eight levels to seventy levels, there are simple introduction, and you can have read it. Than I think you can get some news you need.
At the level of sixty eight – twice gamble
- NPC - Hogan Blacksmith Sober
- Related Monster - Demon Eye and Devil Eye
- Requirement – Hope of Sober, the level of sixty five about Mamore Quest
- Availability – first time
- Reward – nine hundred and twenty five thousand EXP and ninety thousand SP
- Cannot Accept twice gamble?
At the level of sixty nine - Ghost of dazzlement
- NPC - Downrange Monk Dugong
- Kill Devil Ghost Nachal or Devil Mask Nachal for 1 Nachal antidote
- Reward – three million seven hundred and fifty thousand exp and advanced return scrolls X fifty
- Not repeatable
At the level of seventy - request of Pando
- NPC - Downrange Storekeeper Pando
- Kill Gold-Silver Yachal or Diamond Yachal for two hundred and fifty pieces of diamond and two hundred and fifty pieces of Gold
- Reward – four million two hundred and fifty thousand exp and three hundred and seventy five game gold
- Repeatable three times
These levels are common, if you can operate this part, I think you can go on well in the game, and you need remember your skills, if you met problems or bugbears, you will take these measure to win. If you have some other question, you can come to ask me.

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Change a key for dark gold or equipment 2010-04-19 04:07

Silkroad gold which we often use in the game is important, we can use it to change for skills that we need learn, and also we can use it to make friends, which is very usual. The center point of the game is to control gold to make full use, and than we must can make progress. And also I see all take keys to change for things, I want to share with you the way, and I hope that can help you.
First make sure that you can change your key for the repaired dark equipment, but there is little chance. We need think about how to improve the slim chance, and only the first chance to improve the equipment. In fact I have some ways to improve this situation, and I hope we can make great progress in the game.
Hero is sun, moon is testing chain, and courage is star. Every service has twice to use key to change for things that we need, and every time has thirty minutes. I was in the glory zone, so I only know the glory of these two time zone, other areas can only happen over time, it can be concluded that record, two hundred and fifty the average time of a key equipment likely to be three point five in the thirty minutes about the equipment is likely to be found very easily doubled.
The other problem is the frequency of opening the box, most people opens the box, almost all frequencies less than 1 second, and this method is wrong, the frequency is more critical.
Courage is to open the box every time the frequency of approximately two point three seconds, and challenge is three seconds, and the test chain is ditto which all the stars are. But I can not get result about hero, and it only can be gotten by your own self.

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精灵A good game 2010-04-12 04:31

Unintentionally, I found that I have played priston tale Gold for about one year and it seems that the time went quickly. This one year made me get to know the virtual beautiful world. In the game, the first imprinted to my eyes was the surrounded tall wall, a large flag fluttering in the wind. It is an ancient city - Hyun Bo faction with a delicate pool and majestic contest platform. I just walking around it and was a little familiar with it, then priston tale eons, walk out of the city with my wooden sword and began my career in priston tale. I divides several toads got some buy priston tale eons and first experience the taste of upgrading, and then I finish the first transfer in priston tale. Then I knew Inouye who is a woman doctor. From that day, we would contact each to get on line together. Slowly, we got to know several good friends, such as Xiao Dao, Ixopo, Hub other etc. The time for playing together was so happy, when we upgrading, we often made fun, talking about something in life or the working experience. We all upgrading and earn cheap priston tale Gold quickly and soon we all transfer to 2. We all recommended brother hub to create a union and be the boss since he is the most affective one. But after we transferred to 3, Xiao Dao went to school on abroad and Ixopo got the cavity and have to get the surgical treatment we several good friends together accompanied with both of them spent the last day in priston tale. That day we all went to the Liu Shan House with a heavy heart and we stand in a row to prepare the send-off ceremony. The girls all cried, I also felt so sad since we have played together for that long. That day past quickly and both of them left our world of cheap priston tale Gold.

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惊天动地A wonderful game 2010-04-12 04:30

I should be so happy today since I have found my SS number and Cabal Alz. After all, I have input all my effort on it for several years. After I get online, I felt a little sad when I saw there was only 8 cabal Gold in pocket. Although my money has not been more than 2000 Cabal Online Alz, I also have no less no 500G. Thinking about being stolen this time, though it was a little strange, it was also reasonable since me always playing in café. But it is fortunately that some equipment was back, and the best thing was the pumpkin rings also pluses 16 injuries which were not too shabby for wearing it. I still have something to wear since I once packed equipment which was for replacement in my bank. I played particles for a while and it was still so smooth, but seeking to organize a copy is so difficult. Treatment is the oldest, FS second and solider rank the third, not to mention SS. Finally I found the maze team and they need a SS, so the team opened. When I saw the configuration, I became happier; there are god knight, wild German soldiers, ice method and me, SS which is the best partner. Killing all the way down, although there was a little flaws, it was also not too bad, since there are 2T and we earn much Cabal money. And though my equipment is just environmental protection equipment, the evil armor is also 760 injuries. I was so satisfied with the ending since I have got a suit. Our 5 download copy and earn buy Cabal Online Alz together and nobody is working. I think most people played were for equipments and joy but not only joy. There came a new member, knight, and I did not know him at first. I would like to say that I would be a knight next life and using the great light to purify the soul.

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盖亚 Just play 2010-04-12 04:30

I was deceived by my classmates to play gaia and gaia gold two months ago. I did not know what was 3D games before and I was so helpless at that time because I did not know how to play this game and have no gaia online gold. So I gave it up after I played it once. But after a few days, many people begun to play this game, so I also follow up them and begun my life in gaia again. At first, I did not know anything, did not know what is AP, how to buy gaia gold, not to mention what is skill. It was luckily that some classmates who have played for a few times have got advertisements, so everyone gave me something. And I using my saliva to got some buy gaia online gold. Then I bought a book for treatment and became a therapist. All the players in gaia are quite good, because they would take you when they found you are a new player and would gave you something. Especially when you ask for a little money from them, they would of course gave you, maybe it is unbelievable in other games. In primary time, I played gaia just because of their beautiful clothing’s. I visited stalls in Dun every day; I would just look at when I have no money. Then I found Pulled, but the goods were also so expensive that I can not afford them as a new player. There were no other methods but to beat monsters to earn gaia money, while the money should spend on buying shield. At that time, I found that the money was easy to earn but the goods were also too expensive. I really hope that I can wear a suit of clothes, take some cool arms and nice pets someday.

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ys online Cherish the memory of the past 2010-04-12 04:30

I still remembered that I played ys onlineand ys online gold just when it Bata, at first, I exercised by myself. I did not know anything at hat time and just growing up depended on some experience on several online games that I have played these years. Actually, ys online is quite simple that you only need to beat the monsters of the same level to get ys gold. In primary, there were so many players; I missed the screen that many people shouting to have a chat in a map to share their experience for game and their happiness and sadness. I practiced the violent priesthood, it is so different to practice that it was costing skills and much buy ys gold. So I asked in the chatting channel whether there will be someone to bring me and I got to know him who is a solider. He was beating box monsters at that time; my work in his team was picking up the ys online money and things on ground while he was in charge for cleaning monsters. Then I stored my first money, I was very greedy that I picked up everything fallen up and after a short while, I was covered with all milk and bananas. He gave all the things to me. But he left because he has no time on it since he was busy on working. I began to buy ys online gold. Then I got to know such Yoyo, Feisul, Fixing these so many friends, but they all leave before the Spring Festival and were going to return home to enjoy the festival, so I also gave up the game. I could not bear to seeing all the friends were gone, so I chose to leave, but I missed ys online also. I will go back to see whether can meet the old friends sometimes. And I missed the friends at that time.

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