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Note on the ship vanished 2010-05-03 04:39

Eve isk insists to help players to finish tasks, they can use it to make friends with people who have particular experiences about fighting in the game, and also we can use it to buy equipments that are suitable for properties of players for war.
So far there has been a trumpet players have raised the issue top of large, causing the spacecraft to escape attack locked. After repeat authentication and communication with the CCP planning, this problem does not exist, where a detailed explanation of what eve of the spacecraft offs the assembly line continues to stay in the system after the set.
Eve of the spacecraft to continue to stay in the system is divided into three kinds of settings. The first is the offline state when not in attack, and the spacecraft will disappear from the system within one minute. The second thing off-line with the npc in a state of war, the spacecraft will disappear from the system within two minutes. The third thing is the player in the attack when offline state, the spacecraft will disappear from the system within fifteen minutes.
These three kinds of cases determined, are you off the assembly line for the moment. This means that if you close the client, you do not attack or attacks in the state, and even if you locked Linear interference after the spacecraft will still be gone in one minute. This is often heard about the so-called small top reasons for the large bug. Also to note is that the attack game is fifteen minutes countdown status, meaning that you are npc or player from playing the last about fifteen minutes from your down line, your ship will stay for two minutes and npc war Or fifteen minutes at war with the players.

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Something about Element list 2010-05-03 04:39

Dungeon Fighter gold can break out of a beaten track, I think you must be interested in it. If you make full use of it, I think you can succeed in entering into high level. Come on, help yourself is helping you, and we must can understand the center means of our way. I think we need learn it about element list, and it can help us avoid some troubles.
We have an element list which belongs to ourselves in DFO, and we know for a fact she can kill perfectly fine without her awakening. Maybe you will I am cool, in fact, if I do not know it, we will lose life now in this fighting. I can only do things to protect us, and also I may kill other enemies. Battle mages need their awakening to be strong in PVE, because the difference it makes for them is night and day, seeing as how it makes all their attacks AOE and able to freaking obliterate random mobs on sight something they can not do anywhere near as easily or efficiently otherwise. At this time, if you are short of gold, your fighting maybe prevented, I think you do not want to see that happening, but you can come to my website to buy them, and than you can continue to finish your tasks.
It is also why we voted Brawler instead of striker, and our Striker has absolutely no issue killing things right now. In fact that bosses are becoming more and more resilient to status effects with a good few being flat-out immune and resistant to grabs, it means Brawlers need a boost more than they or Nanometers. Burden becomes large, but our strength is limited, and it is so cool. But now we need think out a good idea, and I want to achieve peace without other player.

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The Swordsman Guide 2010-05-03 04:38

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold has an imaging color in the game, and we can not leave far from it from time to time. For example, if we do not have strong arms to protect ourselves, and we may lose chances to continue fighting. Sometimes we can use it to learn skills from old players who have good experience, and also we can share them together.
The build allows you to tank long enough to get the kills when level alone. Level twenty eight blade masters who seems not to do as much damage as other blade masters, and miss fairly often is so low, and I think you must pass the trouble. In a group it does not damage as much, however it always seems getting the monsters attention and tanking it. Now, you will be told a few times in game that Blade master is not meant for defense, however, the build suits a style of play, and you can run into Blade masters with similar builds.
From here, it intends to raise the stir, phyla, decks and dug, with durability being the main priority for the next level. As far as skills, you may have not touched the martyr attacks, and have opted to spend points on the bestial attacks Got them all effective provided you know what situations to use what in. Against something that is high damage, use eagle Shrek and fierce bark. To get a monsters attention away from team members use menacing moo. Growling tiger is fun if you have a hunter/shaman in your team. Hair raising hiss is always good as it lowers the defense of enemies. At the last you will feel a blade master that adding durability became necessary as solo leveling progressed, as well as the need for healing.

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Shooting Skills Tree 2010-05-03 04:38

Asda Story gold that I have used for one year is very important, and I have been using it to learn shooting skills tree. Maybe we can get another way to go, in fact, many roads can be gone by our own selves, and I think we can succeed.
Deadly Poison Arrow is not used really which can use if you are at lower levels. You can use Continuous Shot which is good for lower levels getting damage done to monsters quickly. Rain of Arrows is a truly beautiful skill use it on groups of monsters or people does great damage and lasts for a decent amount of time with a very decent range in the game. eight Meters to be exact, and depending on level up to we believe sixty five percent splash damage lasting for up to ten seconds, kills mobs quickly but mobbing can also kill you quickly, make sure to have good items.
Sharp arrow head is important skill which is very much needed, and upgrades this every time you can great skill. You start off with this skill, very useful at any level, and a little extra damage every five seconds on an arrow has never hurt. Guidance of Spirits can three hundred and thirty five percent splash damaged arrows into one opponent, good to deal quick damage. Vacuum bomb is skill sometimes useful for Deals damage to multiple opponents if close to each other. Ever used Buckshot Arrow, but it is description is self explained.
Come on, I think we must can pass exams, although it is difficult, but we have enough skills to be suitable for fighting, and I think in the end we can make great progress. No one can refuse our friendship, and we will have a bright road to go.

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Other Important Guide 2010-04-19 04:08

wyd gold acts an important part in the game, I can make full use of it and also we can hold some skills to use in the fighting. Now I talk about other important guide, and hope that can help you.
1. If you want to use nukes only to lure monsters or freeze people you can use glaive, it is not a matter the attack here, but if you need to do some damage with nukes too you need spear that is will help.
2. If you want to use 80:58 balances naked you must use glaive. It is a big difference to STR and you should consider that and use glaive and when you use 1:1 and have more in your set than this will give you big difference too. You must use glaive too, put if you get mage close to each other you have the choice to use spear.
3. If you search about good cit. weapon you will go spear, you can find cit. 12, 14, or more in spear and find good cit. glaive is harder, but off course glaive will do more damage from crit. It is only to have more times to crit.
4. If you use skills with low attack, it is better to use spear. You will see the difference as the attack have more mage from imbue, but when you use high attack skill glaive will be more effective. I do not mean have both spear and glaive and switch them during battle I mean choose weapon depends on your playing style.
5. If you want to really confuse your enemies use glaive. They will say that you are the biggest noon in planet when they see a glazier nuking and they will not understand when they see you deal great damage more than pure star and tank better than him with snow shield some people love to put others in puzzle. Also some people love the spear look and others love glaive look. Do not forget the mood.

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Death Guide 2010-04-19 04:07

worldedition gold makes great contributions to players in the game, and we often think some ways to change for well step. But now I only want to tell you about death guide, and I think you can know it. Many experience we need learn from each other, and than we can go quickly.
You will have to hope for a resurrection from another player or from someone in your caravan if you are killed during a trade run. I think you need try to avoid death at all costs. Without a trader, a transport will not go anywhere, and will often suffer the same fate as its owner unless you have reinforcements or someone lends assistance.
You are probably better off waiting for a resurrection from another player if you are in the middle of a trade route. If you are close to your res point you can resurrect yourself and run and try to recover your goods. If you were close to your destination when you were killed, you can take a calculated risk: resurrect and teleport there, then run to your goods and collect them.
As a thief may steal your goods both waiting for a res and running back are risky. If you see thieves around, you may as well release and get a fresh shipment rather than wasting time trying to recover a partial shipment, unless the shipment was very large. Some thieves may be afraid to pick up too many goods, so they may leave some or all of yours behind.
Do not summon your transport until you reach the spot where you died if you have to run back. Also, we need avoid thieves along the way. A trader without a transport is vulnerable to attack by player thieves, and also I think we can make some progress in the game.

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