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The Easiest Way to Making Money 2010-05-24 04:16

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold which we need get as long as possible is very useful, and we can attend a team to be easy to get it. Our favorite, easiest way to make money in the game is to make four hundred Bonita or Brahma potions and then sell them as fast as possible. The best seller on Rush right now is Brahma potions. Problem is that you need to have a subscription account or find someone who can do the panda runs for you. We can make a good fifty thousand in a week from this.
Lately we got bored with that, and we have just been shopping and buying things low and selling them high. For example, we can usually find someone in merchant mode selling Bark potions for fifty thousand each, which we then turn around and sell for one hundred thousand each in the market. We will buy cats or find them if someone dumps a bunch of them. One time someone dumped about twenty of them right in front of us. We were ecstatic for up to two hundred and fifty thousand each, kill them off, butcher is best way and then sell the ghosts for five hundred thousand. These are just some examples, but there are all sorts of other things you can do this with too. We provide gold for you.
This simple way that I think you can do well is simple, if you can not finish some tasks by yourself, but you need pay attention to how to get money, your players in a team can provide help. Do not see this way low, or you may lose the best chance. Catch this good way, your gold becomes easy, and you will do things easily.

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Skills can give you another way 2010-05-24 04:16

Asda Story gold sends us a good way about shooting skills tree, and I think I can do well. Be careful when using snipe on warrior who give them a chance to come and catch up to you so they can stun you and such, make it a last hit. Because snipe is fantastic skill to deal your opponent crazy damage really quick which can give you the upper hand in fights against both monsters and other players, highly suggest using this battle.
Will of Hunt is a skill you must have in the game, good for hunting or PVP upgrade this whenever you can. Adds more damage to your long range attack making, and you have an easier time killing. This boosts the damage on all your skills if you would not have guessed not just when you are shooting normally. At the same time, we need pay attention to it, and than we can make some progress.
Flash Bomb is Very good against both monsters and opponents for a few seconds let us you shoot them with whatever you got (assuming it hits) easy time to kill your opponent or severely hurt them. We suggest while they are not able to see move around to catch them off guard because they will know how to attack where it hurts if you stay in the same place while they are blinded.
Chaotic Arrow - Very good for PVP removes all your opponents beneficial buffs (assuming it hits) making them more vulnerable to taking more damage from yours or other peoples skills. This skill can also remove the annoying bubble of invincibility that others use and also can take away any beneficial buffs from panaceas that they might have on at the time. Which in any situation against another player this shot will help you out tremendously.

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Another deep way to improve level 2010-05-24 04:16

aion gold holds an important part in the game, and often we can communicate many experiences with each other. This time if you can enter into twenty five levels, you will enter into abyss to finish your task. The bugbears of abyss do not only have experience, but also have OBS points. But this time now you need pay attention not to fight bugbears free and easy, or you will be killed by the sky.
From twenty five levels to twenty eight levels, it is best to do training the team, and this is the first real copy. Since it is a copy, of course, there will be no day of family disturbance, proposed that only four groups, the value of killing without a break there two hundred and fifty thousand experiences, people do more, because experience is shared equally, of course, were the less the better, but do not too little, how to say which is boss off a very bad, cold floor. Remember to take before playing three copies of the task, reward is pretty good.
In this copy the update soon, if there is a rest value, experience has three hundred and fifty thousand about the strange feet better than ice play, and experience more if possible, in this rose to twenty nine to go out again. If the group is less than one, went to a small island outside the city of fight OBS marinate soldiers, experience less blood can, and do the middle island there is NPC, if you encounter day family fight, however, go out into the NPC run. Can rise to twenty seven on the island, twenty seven levels top twenty nine, then repeat the task to the fortress of low Jims, killing the trees were rough. Now, whether playing a single copy or something and have twenty nine slightly to leave this dangerous placemen returned to familiar with the continent. From twenty nine levels to thirty two levels, to kill the wolf and the scorpion.

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The training method 2010-05-24 04:15

wyd gold continues the game if we have enough, and we can avoid many problems. Come on, no way is question, and we can have enough chances to finish our tasks. I have been played this game for a year, and I want to share some ideas with you, and we can make progress together.
At first I was playing soldiers, because I like a handsome soldier, stabbed in the refreshing, and the monster feels intimate contact, these are our soldiers born joy. In this game, the soldiers stand in order to anger the worst, so I do not recommend you go to practice, but I decided to be the strongest fighters Wrath of God Magic triple soldiers, because soldiers who set all the advantages of the soldiers, it is the strongest fighter.
Soldiers practice it is more important, we should grasp one of the strategies, so more conducive to our fight. Department of attacks are on soldiers by sword dance mainly because the dance is a kind of resistance to ignore each other attacks. If the other party is ice, fire, sacred, Ray of the four resistances under such attack useless. The secondary attack, we chose Make drug and worst poison Department of thunder. Rational use of these two training method, we need more chance of winning. Happening in the attack can stop the other produce, resulting in attacks gap. In fact, this dance is a fast response, if the guard is a plus nine after the force will more.
There are many ancillary skills that we learn from them as long as two. First, stop the violent school angry, it can increase the upper limit of the blood, also can make our soldiers more by the war, resistance to fight. The second is that we should learn from the life of the light sword system calls hell. These skills are very useful when fighting and leveling, good benefits to their own experience.

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To calculate the best solution 2010-05-17 04:58

Silkroad gold achieves some aims of many players which can not be finished in real life, as a result, we can make us comfort in the game, and than we have an ideal world. In fact, I want to tell you to calculate the best solution, I think you must remember that I have introduced it in former, but left things that are very easy.
Third is calculation of the Silk Road hero base defense. Are the initial defenses, the kind of soldier you just need to base the initial defensive positions by multiplying the specific number of one hundred or two hundred soldiers and so on? And then calculate whether their offensive power to overcome the conditions. Some tips are here, and you need pay attention to them. I think they are useful for you, and than you need make full use of it. Calculating own forces to attack the simplest way to attack a second seven days of players not on the line directly to see a battlefield report that their attacks.
Fourth is the Silk Road hero base the choice of supporting arms.
Five doctors per one hundred soldiers, and the medical ability of a doctor is to depend largely on the Science and Technology. For every one hundred soldiers who are rather than five Recovery Team.
Attacks do not take positions entirely siege machinery. The five is the Silk Road hero chosen base.
One is to choose a strong general hero, high grade, and command high command to wear a lot of additional equipment that can significantly reduce loss of ones own forces, no accidents can brush two positions. Two is to choose a high command of the initial hero, heroes die, they need revival fee can be ignored. Each have their own good, recommended option 2, it is convenient, fast and practical.

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Mining Gem Rocks 2010-05-17 04:58

Runescape Gold makes great progress whatever in the fighting or in the game, and I think you must be able to understand how to do. In RS, the most reliable way is to find gems which are gems and host rock. Gem rocks can be found in Shiloh Village and in the Lunar Mine, but you need have to complete the associated quests to have access to them. If you have no time to earn the cheapest Money, you will buy it from our website at the lowest price. Also, there is an additional mine with gem rocks under Shiloh Village that can be accessed by those who have finished the hard portion of the Karajan Achievement diary. Another special kind of gem rock can be found when playing the Tai Bow Wangi Cleanup minicamp. By the way, you can get the most secure gold in our website. These rocks appear randomly, and each one can be mined thrice to receive three gems. When mining gem rocks, it is possible to obtain one of the following gems: jade, opal, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, or red topaz. If you are planning to cut the gems anyway, it is a good idea to take a chisel along with you when mining gem rocks. This way, you can cut the gems while waiting for the gems to rescan. If you crush them by accident, you can just drop the crushed gem to make room in your inventory for more.
This way can help you increase your cost, and than you can earn much more money. Do not see it low, we can make some measures to put it into fact, than our methods become well, and we can easily get what we want. If you want to stronger than others, you need afford much more, and also you need have great confidence.

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