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Will come out of the game show TGS 2010-01-06 08:33

MetalRage the game is set in the year 2070, when the technology humans have developed to the space time, the universe is more divided into three major forces to contend with each other. Players in the MetalRage, there will be eight kinds of robots can choose according to their different professional settings, each robot has its own unique ability, in order to base fortifications based robots, there are good sniper or Fast Attack types of robots, and flexible combination of team is the only way to success.
The games also buy metalrage gold, in which there was a lot of game modes, there are several game modes, one is to support the type, and another one is broken up within the specified tome the number of decision victory Death Mode, as well as in the race to win by occupying the designated place occupation model. Victory in the race can also get cheap metalrage gold, but the best thing to buy metalrage gold.
The body can be through personal customization, weapons, parts can be according to their own preferences to choose to install on their own body. However, not all of the time of choice freedom of choice, such as lightweight the body is unable to carry the weight of type weapons. You can use metalrage online gold to buy equipment to get a better model.
Body has prepared eight kinds of different models, temporarily translated as lightweight, fire-type, Assault-type, engineering-type, weight-type, blocking-type, observation-type, Readiness-type. Basically al types of names can be judged according to its performance, need to add that engineering-type, which can be set up mines and defensive wall. Defense Wall can withstand the local part of the attack to protect our body. Observation type can provide a small robot to conduct reconnaissance, with a large area quickly find target characteristics. Through the metalrage money, you can make the fighting more perfect.
This game is worth looking forward to, you can try.

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The new martial arts masterpiece 2010-01-06 08:33

The game has more online games is different from the existing elements of martial arts to create a unique and unprecedented new form of martial arts games.
The game is expected to force a showdown with the Soul Calibur, so that the whole game play greatly improved. Among them, new and additional role to create the system should be the most attractive, through this system, players can use the personally produced by their own role to play games. Of course you need to use projectld gold to buy some things in order to create the role of production in the time of their gender, stature, appearance, clothing, weapons, occupation, and so the details could allow gamer, and even the role of a move one type so on are also free to deployment. If your projectld online gold is not enough, you can consider buy projectld gold.
It is the biggest different with other games is the combat and missions. In the RPG is the most important battle and tasks. Task is completed you can get projectld money. For gamers, the game goal is to clear, but the existing mandate of the majority of the game remains in play a few strange levels.
The existing multi-martial arts role-playing game based on the role of standing, the use of results to show issued by the martial arts, but few have their roles to other roles or to another grabbed the role of the body to fight, put aside, pushing and other movements. However, the game can catch opponents air attack, fall upon the ground, then jump to a series of attacks on opponents body, which is today massively multiplayer online role-playing games have not been able to achieve. You can buy projectld online gold to get more game action.
Play a combination of dodge, internal strength and other content, and as martial arts technique as displayed Sword techniques, so that players can enjoy the art of combat martial arts show, you can try.

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Call of Chaos will come 2010-01-06 08:32

Call of chaos by South Korean game maker Npluto developed massively multiplayer online role-playing games, it has the greatest RPG elements to provide an early and stable outlook on the world to enjoy the game with a simple method of operation are not familiar with online games players can quickly get started features such as simple operation.
Call of chaos game entered the game after the reaction and no reaction to the game are quite different. It is beta though not long, but articles dealing with the Call of chaos gold to the association, to create most of the contents such as game, some players have experienced, team players for PK ones have emerged.
It is only the game and a stable inflow of operating under the player is to obtain a major source of high popularity. The player is to obtain a major source of high popularity. The players can more carefree through the purchase of coc gold.
Players can buy Call of chaos gold wanted, but cheap Call of chaos gold will let you in the game can not survive.
Games will be added novice country and tutorials, new maps and new monsters, new concepts to provide a monthly salary of stone coin and many other content and more be satisfied of the game environment, the integrity of the game mode for even the completion of degrees, so we had better buy Call of chaos money to make the game played with unobstructed.
The game screen dynamic, quality clear and gives a real feeling, people unknowingly to love the game.Eyes of the beholder, but the wise see wisdom, in the end the game on how and whether it meets your taste, it is necessary to experience it first-hand knowledge of their own and look forward to the next player may wish to demo.

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The advent of fantasy online games 2010-01-06 08:32

Alganon U.S. Arizona Quest Online into the company officially announced the online games industry in the first post-Army films. In the game, players can race and occupations from multiple choice mixed skill system makes the role of the upgrade has several options. You can also create their own small groups, exercises deal skills, expedition set foot on the road, but also from the Asheroth and Kujix two camps in the choice to join the wider struggle.
Unlike other online games, players have up to 30-day free trial time, and without limiting the players who buy alganon gold during the game levels, players can with the players who buy alganon gold that like to rise to the highest level.
Alganon also has a fantasy, all of the features online games. There is the magic of magic, there are scenes of fighting with the monster, there are epic-level task of waiting for your join, there are soldiers, such as occupational therapy for the Warlock and Mage players option, but also lists rare treasures of the auction house, players can use alganon online gold to deal.
Alganon is not just a few characteristics with it the entire game from the beginning, it brought a unique experience for gamers and feelings, unlike other similar online games, as only the name of the game has been improved. Another point is that if you have enough alganon money to buy those things out valuables, you can also choose to fight monsters to get cheap alganon gold.
The Alganon Cross in the war world, the two groups Asheroth and Kujix win the right to life and death battle for the highest. Asheroth represent the light and obedience of nature, Kujix representative is chaos, conquest, convinced that survival of the fittest.
When the player Alganon when creating characters, a beginning, you will be a family member. Family is composed of players from a number of like-minded groups, and based on the family theme to absorb all kind of players to join. If you like the game, you quickly come to join us in.

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Magic online games 2009-12-30 09:06

Alganon have been known to completely replace World of Warcraft and its visual style and WOW indeed similar. Game in order to crusade against the background of players to join the two camps to compete for the supreme right to fight for it. Players can choose multiple racial and career, mixed skill system makes the role of the upgrade there are several options. You can also create their own small group, practice trading skills, expedition set foot on the road, and more can be Asheroth and Kujix two camps in the choice to join the wider struggle. The Algan Cross in the war world, the two groups Asheroth and Kujix win the right to life and death battle for the highest. Asheroth represent the light and obedience of nature, Kujix representative is chaos, conquest, convinced that survival of the fittest.
In the ALGANON, the player can select multiple racial and career, and the role of skills development system is mixed, that is, can be diversified development. The game is set to the Crusades, the player can choose to join a symbol of light and order Asheroth, or the chaos and dark Kujix two camps to fight.
In the game requires a lot of alganon gold to survive, just like our real life, alganon online gold is necessary, alganon money can buy clothing, equipment, pharmaceuticals, you can also use cheap alganon gold currency trading with other players, if it is not enough ,you can buy alganon gold.
As the images, and the subject are similar to the World of Warcraft, Alganon the cottage has been challenged as the U.S. version of Warcraft, this game is making people have repeatedly clarified that only a style, like his goal was at first glance like a devil Beast, the second eye was found in fact not Warcraft.    

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Latest 3D mmorpg call of chaos 2009-12-30 09:05

Who has developed G2 and Skid Rush South Korean game company Npluto, today announced that its large-scale 3D MMORPG Call of Chaos will be August 26 to enter public beta. At the same time on-line along with Call of Chaos totally revamped the official website. Players also show the official public beta before the final video.
Call of Chaos seizing the large-scale 3D online game where basically the fun and provide a stable perspective and convenient operation, for the players to create a friendly gaming experience. As a Call of Chaos in developer and operator. Npluto Company is committed to Call of Chaos in the virtual world gives players the opportunity to experience the fun of the original MMORPG.
Call of chaos gold in the game provide players with a lot of convenience, coc gold can commerce transactions, or purchase of equipment, some of the more low-level equipment can spend cheap Call of chaos gold, if your Call of chaos money is not enough, you can also buy Call of chaos gold to game operators.
The new large-scale 3Donline role-playing games, using a 45-degree angle of depression design with excellent picture. The game not only created many new events for the players to experience, it also provides a large number of high-degree of freedom of game play. Including trade unions warfare, siege warfare and other system are also a perfect integration of them.
It has a similar paradise overlooking the 45 degrees the conduct of operational and simple, free characteristics of PK. The open beta testing in Korea as a result of the first search site ranking rose of the Naver to No.1 by the players attention.  

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