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Tattoo of the outbreak 2010-05-31 04:05

Silkroad gold provides many chances when we choose roles, as a tattoo, a legend as a member of the game in a very long time it has become a favorite of many players but not professional contacts. Guns, physical assault weapon than the sword as a long low point, so it can not be full career of choice.
Magic attack, no weapons can simply asked par, but also because it is hand weapons, so have to give up the shield of defense. As a whole intellectual career, which itself has very few physical defense and blood, and to it give up the shield of defense, but in the past is not very rational. Although the balance for some time before the gun is very beautiful, but it still was the extreme point property of the two occupations which are full and entire intellectual career to a flood inundated. As a profession, as a weapon, its existence must be reasons.
The gun of wisdom is this point, and you can get good marks when you operate one point chance. If it is brought before a wise, if you would first think of the Master must be the master sword shield. Because as a whole intellectual career, if it does not shield the defense if it is really too weak, at least before most of the players are so think. But now is not it! In the one hundred levels version in the ice once again the department of defense has been strengthened, especially in the ice shell damage percent sixty absorption has become a favorite of the whole intellectual career, it appears so fragile Master change no longer vulnerable, and it also let all wise gun once again in the profession in front of everyone. Wise, most guns are mine ice one hundred guns out of the skill distribution. Ray one hundred, its high maneuverability, magical damages in addition it has become the preferred Master the skills.
And as a wise, guns, the emergence of percent sixty ice absorption Master players have also made bold to give up a shield to take on the gun. As a mage, a mage they are destined to give up the shield is the most likely battlefield sacrifice a professional, but their attack damage will become a nightmare for all occupations.

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How to improve equipment 2010-05-31 04:05

Runescape Gold helps us get different equipments, which we can use in the fighting, and we need make full use of them. During the game, we can do things by ourselves or a team, they are friendly and selfless. As a player, we need have one kind of equipments which is fit for us whenever in the beginning or the end, it is like the life of player, and it can prove your progress.
The first is about equipment maintenance, equipment is durability, and the constant use of equipment would reduce durability. Durable low, and can be refined to the city where the maintenance craftsmen. Maximum durability will lower maximum durability, you can buy the mall where the diamond, and then to upgrade the city where most durable refined craftsmanship.
The second is refining equipment, and it can enhance equipment based on property values. The refining number is higher, the level becomes higher, and the maximum twenty. The equipment which has been refined several times is stronger than a lot of the original equipment. Refining stone as long as you can to refine the city where refined craftsmanship. Refining sometimes works and sometimes the power of, refining the higher the success rate is lower. If the refining fails, the equipment will disappear. If you want to ensure that does not disappear, they have to use in refining the Sky Mall in selling stone. Mall in selling Lucky Stone and Kat transport can increase the success rate of stone.
The third is equipment mounted. Each piece of equipment has a gem holes can go to the city where craftsmen refining some stone setting and equipment that can enhance various properties. As the first gem is absolutely safe, so you can start to finish the first one. The forth is property conversion, and it belongs to main players who only use the RMB.

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Galaxy guide 2010-05-31 04:04

Eve isk send us to enter into a large universe of wonder, if you are one player of EVE, and than you must have this impression. Yes, eve provides us with a huge game room, an area almost equal to eight thousand times the solar system, the distribution of galaxies dotted with numerous forces and groups, who either is a genuine government, or a terrible criminal organizations, which forces us to evaluate the integration is very important, we must always pay attention to their security level, so uncle police spike. In the world of eve players with ten thousand interact with you, here had to organizations on how to deal with these players on the most prime location. Eve of the ten thousand groups divided into five, and I only tell you the first one.
The first type is to hold the land as owns, such players are very dangerous and they are not generally dangerous, they will not hesitate to attack any unidentified depth of their territories, especially under the NPC corps of players, dealing with these people time must be very careful, or will shop explosion explosive eggs, one night back before liberation. But these players in other regions compared the rules, as lone as they avoid the control of the region of one point one can be safe. Before entering a one point one galaxy must first look at sovereignty, and if by a large group of people or quickly surrender dolmen good, as long as negotiate may be able to avoid a mass annihilation. In this guide, the I recommend that new players do not arbitrarily deep galaxy one point one, one point five below the galaxy is best not to free activities. Many people say over and over one point one is full of treasure of gold, but not two million point of fighting skills, then abruptly go and die miserable, gold is a need strength, not the open novice boat or cruiser can go. But if you want to participate in the battle of one thousand levels then join a trade union king who holds the mountains absolutely can not go wrong.

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Most masters will experience several stages 2010-05-31 04:04

Dungeon Fighter gold which we keep enough is important, and we can use it in the fighting when we need arms or learns skills to exchange from players who have enough experiences. As a player, we need pass several parts, the level is higher, and the difficulty is more difficult. Come on, and we must win in the game, if you obey or finish this rule, you will become a master.
From time to time you fight against others, which are the first step, and it proves that you will be able to enter into next step. When you go to fight overnight, which means you must arrive at the second step and the number of a certain section of your fighting that go up stuck atop a hovering between paragraphs. When you are going to buy a fashion that shows you are advancing as the master is a master of fashion should be necessary, and this is the third stage.
Next step is that very refuse of your points plus your first ready to wash your own a fighting point and it shows that you have already taken the first step as a master. The fifth stage is about fighting which has had, but people will be even more fierce dash. When your fighting points are to eight thousand when the show that you already have at least five to six strength of the paragraph during the sixth stage.
Player in seven stage fights with people is never used colorless, and you winning percentage over percent fifty in the eight step. You will find the original point of the original is not suitable for washing your back once you wash points to best suit their point to cannabis pain when you do not give money, and this is ninth step. Other steps I will tell you next time, and also you need do first to use these steps which are very useful for you.

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The Easiest Way to Making Money 2010-05-24 04:16

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold which we need get as long as possible is very useful, and we can attend a team to be easy to get it. Our favorite, easiest way to make money in the game is to make four hundred Bonita or Brahma potions and then sell them as fast as possible. The best seller on Rush right now is Brahma potions. Problem is that you need to have a subscription account or find someone who can do the panda runs for you. We can make a good fifty thousand in a week from this.
Lately we got bored with that, and we have just been shopping and buying things low and selling them high. For example, we can usually find someone in merchant mode selling Bark potions for fifty thousand each, which we then turn around and sell for one hundred thousand each in the market. We will buy cats or find them if someone dumps a bunch of them. One time someone dumped about twenty of them right in front of us. We were ecstatic for up to two hundred and fifty thousand each, kill them off, butcher is best way and then sell the ghosts for five hundred thousand. These are just some examples, but there are all sorts of other things you can do this with too. We provide gold for you.
This simple way that I think you can do well is simple, if you can not finish some tasks by yourself, but you need pay attention to how to get money, your players in a team can provide help. Do not see this way low, or you may lose the best chance. Catch this good way, your gold becomes easy, and you will do things easily.

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Skills can give you another way 2010-05-24 04:16

Asda Story gold sends us a good way about shooting skills tree, and I think I can do well. Be careful when using snipe on warrior who give them a chance to come and catch up to you so they can stun you and such, make it a last hit. Because snipe is fantastic skill to deal your opponent crazy damage really quick which can give you the upper hand in fights against both monsters and other players, highly suggest using this battle.
Will of Hunt is a skill you must have in the game, good for hunting or PVP upgrade this whenever you can. Adds more damage to your long range attack making, and you have an easier time killing. This boosts the damage on all your skills if you would not have guessed not just when you are shooting normally. At the same time, we need pay attention to it, and than we can make some progress.
Flash Bomb is Very good against both monsters and opponents for a few seconds let us you shoot them with whatever you got (assuming it hits) easy time to kill your opponent or severely hurt them. We suggest while they are not able to see move around to catch them off guard because they will know how to attack where it hurts if you stay in the same place while they are blinded.
Chaotic Arrow - Very good for PVP removes all your opponents beneficial buffs (assuming it hits) making them more vulnerable to taking more damage from yours or other peoples skills. This skill can also remove the annoying bubble of invincibility that others use and also can take away any beneficial buffs from panaceas that they might have on at the time. Which in any situation against another player this shot will help you out tremendously.

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