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Tarot online games 2010-01-27 05:57

South Korea EYA Interactive Tarot MMORPG iris online is to have exquisite graphics and an interesting fairy-tale-like games, with fantastic view of the world game.
Iris online has humanity, wizard, orc and other three races, for the lovely wind fantasy online role-playing game. Play the role of combining the power of the mysterious Tarot can be a special ability to develop the role, while the falling monster game card, allow the role players in a certain period of time transformed into a monster, there may be to capture and control monster riding system, and so on. Iris online at the same time has the player-vs.-players system to allow players to experience the fun of competing with each other. Victory in battle, then there will be some iris online gold as a prize.
Feature representation of the game content is Tarot system. Game of the Tarot is not only a simple point, the player can use the Tarot cards to cultivate personal role in weapons or armor can also add the power of the card and then to the weapons shop to use iris gold given to them special abilities.
Iris online also in Greek mythology as the center and charming smile, the name of the rainbow goddess, and the concept of combining the Tarot originated in the Middle Ages, players can adventure through the world in the Middle Ages, players can adventure through the world in the IRIS process, the collection to a variety of different implication of the Tarot, present their own ability to strengthen, incarnations, or add special abilities as a weapon, etc. can be said that the core of the entire game. In the game, you had better buy iris online gold.
Iris online A notable features include a lovely picture, may be riding the strange, as well as PVP combat. However, Iris online card system is the most unique, and it makes the game cute animation style is different from other games, while buy iris gold is a very important thing. Iris online can be independent of the Tarot special way to personalize and enhance the role of settings. Monster are falling card allows players in a limited period of time mutate into a variety of monsters. In addition, Iris magic card system can have props to enhance.

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Cartoon Planet Adventure 2010-01-27 05:56

South Koreas Nexon game producers EverPlanet is used a global perspective, cute fun game role in the background like a fairy-tale adventure on the planet leisure MMORPG.
EverPlanet is the section to the planet as a stage, players can use diverse distinctive role in the planet enjoy running an online role-playing adventure game, players will look at the spherical stage, combined with the everplanet gold star to carry the game perspective, and explore and risk-taking and so on throughout the fight.
EverPlanet has gorgeous, 3D effects which tend to come out detailed and extensive maps, and through cartoon-style rendering technology to create a cartoon picture. In addition the adoption of the first one-person mixed-and 3-person advantage, supports multi-person point of view, providing the largest online games the visual range of up to 24 times. It gives people a refreshing feeling, and there is a large number of everplanet online gold to obtain.
The game added a new planet, RiverRun is the theme of windmills and canals of the Scandinavian style of the planet, with two villages, 18 regional and six field dungeons region. RiverRun is by far the star of the open cluster Yi Liya center. In the future increase the Stars Group, which will act as a gateway to other sites on the Milky Way. Players can also produce their own planet, but this will require a lot of everplanet money, and if you only has cheap everplanet gold, would soon be buy everplanet gold.
EverPlanet is a place in many depicting the story on the planet MMORPG, played by the player characters into the different characteristics of the debut to one to take a chance. The greatest feature of the game is to have liked a spherical glass lampshade-like Globe View point of view, the player playing running on the planet, you can feel the screen with the ball rolling effect feeling, I hope you can come join us.

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Mech online games 2010-01-27 05:56

The game tells the story of 2070 three major forces in armed conflicts and the struggle for power, leading players in the near future will be able to feel the fire power of the authenticity of the battlefield, players in the IC packaging and testing time to enjoy a fierce fighter who Mech artillery attacks, and even back-up the whole prepared Mech, espionage-type activities, Armor, etc. How do I have a lot of players happy to try it in order to develop a more diverse on the battlefield tactics, which are needed to support a large number of metalrage gold.
A total of four different characteristics Neice body and three play modes are Death match mode sudden Death mode the occupation pattern. Recently, the game also announced a new BOSS battle mode. Occupation pattern of others metalrage money in general can become their own metalrage online gold.
Now I come to tell us SPEAR VALLEY maps. The following me, said that the new map SPEAR VALLEY and occupation model information. SPEAR VALLEY is a located on the west side of the border zone AU Keidanren largest city. AU stationed here, the elite troops, both in strategic or military, both of great significance. In this map can be used to hide little obstacles, in this map Mech high mobility could hinder, or even annihilate the enemy fire. Like with many games, and Nepal in the game may need to team up for the game, this time you have to pay attention, if you have cheap metalrage gold, as soon as possible buy metalrage gold.
Body has prepared eight kinds of different models, temporarily translated as lightweight, fire-type, Assault-type, engineering-type, weight-type, blocking-type, observation-type, Readiness-type. Basically al types of names can be judged according to its performance, need to add that engineering-type, which can be set up mines and defensive wall.
Eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom, this is a very fun game, make haste to join us yet, you will not be disappointed.

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3D big game 2010-01-27 05:56

Gates of Andaron is 3D Fantasy MMORPG with cartoon graphics. With a look and feel very similar to World of Warcraft, Andaron boasts two warring factions; Craxion and DeFugel. Each faction contains the same three races and six classes. Gates of Andaron is heavily quest driven and has a clean user interface.
The game tells the three competing countries Defugel, Craxion, Broa, and a legendary hero of the story between the three countries were different from the history of ideas, which became the trigger pull up a round among the three countries the never-ending war, and hoe to reveal the historical truth, the use of gates of andaron gold and ability to resolve this pointless war all day long, you look at the legendary heroes. Three characteristics of different races and six have their own strengths with career choices available to players, but also have more opportunities to get goa gold, a large number of elements of PVP and RVR will also be integrated into one.
There is also a move, wear road skills, ray acceleration. Deceleration and under the ice. Put their own skills and Baoyan this ideal location. This replaces retired ice magic skills. Under the ice, run three steps, a Baoyan. Return an ice, in turn release. From own hands do not go back to running, or is mixed. With this move is also very skilled cattle, unless the other party also wore road Speed lei Fang ice, in order to catch up with you. If you have not enough gates of andaron money, then you can go to buy gates of andaron gold.
Gates of Andaron is like a free version of World of Warcraft, and looks/plays a lot like Blizzards game. The UI looks a lot alike, classes play a lot the same, and there is a lot of faction-based PVP. Also like Wow, Gates has a big group of players, and great in-game character designs and lore. Some say Runes of Magic is like Wow, but Gates of Andaron is the free-to-play MMO most like the hugely popular MMO! If you want to play Wow but don't want to pay, play Gates of Andaron! Because the game that calls Gates of Andaron have cheap gates of andaron gold.

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Mysterious Tarot World 2010-01-20 06:59

Iris is a medieval fantasy style, and a combination of gypsy ethnic style of MMORPG, the game provides a human, orc, the wizard race for the player three choices and have underground city, PVP and other special systems, in addition, the made another major selling point is to have in order to Tarot cards system as the core.
Iris to the Tarot originated in medieval Italy as its main feature of the game system, games, party of 78 cards, and can be divided into 22 main card, and 56 vice-cards, by circulating in the Iris on the mainland these Tarot, players can use iris online gold to the role of the quality of training, skills enhancement, role Bianshen, etc, can also be attached to the arms on the Tarot to get a special ability to.
Iris online described in humans, the wizard with the Orc three ethnic coexistence fantasy world, and to provide similar diversification of themes such as a copy of Crystal Cave, in these places, you can also turn up a lot of iris gold, games to play Tarot diversity implies features, such as Magic, chariot, tower and so on, coupled with monster cards deformation systems, game and offers a variety of PVP system.
Players in the game, you can also use drop monster cards, Bianshen a cute monster, a monster in the Bianshen can be used during the special skill, by experience, when the monster another interesting game process, when the players have adopted different abilities of the Tarot, it will nurture the role of special abilities, and by the power of the card given at the weapons or armor unique features. Meanwhile, buy iris online gold has become a necessary thing, you can choose our company to buy iris gold.
Tarot with individual players to nurture the role of a monster card with the deformation of the system, people in the IRIS changes in the world can enjoy more fun and games. Iris online really is a material with real game, I hope you can be happy in the game.

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Mechanical Armor 2010-01-20 06:59

Metalrage the game is set in the year 2070, when the technology humans have developed to the space time, the universe is more divided into three major forces to contend with each other, which by the middle of metalrage gold as a lead. Players in the metalrage, there will be eight kinds of robots can choose according to their different professional settings, each robot has its own unique ability, in order to base the main fortifications of the robot, the robot right to earn metalrage online gold is very convenient, also has good attack or fast attack types of robots, flexible combination of team is the only way to success.
There are several game modes, one is to support the type, and another one is broken up within the specified time the number of decision victory Death Mode, as well as in the race to win by occupying the designated place of the occupation model. Maximum support to 16 fighters whiles the fighting. Body has prepared eight kinds of different models, temporarily translated as lightweight, fire-type, assault-type, engineering-type, weight-type, blocking-type, observation-type, and readiness-type. Occupation patterns can get some cheap metalrage gold, following me, saying the occupation model information.
The new model occupation model is divided into two camps, in the occupation of settings within the time prescribed in different parts of the map base, which is equivalent to the source you have passed more metalrage money. If within the specified time to occupy all the positions, it is the attacking side victory. If you hold within a specified time base provided, it is defensive side victory. Also within the specified time since the machine even after death can also be resurrected. Therefore, buy metalrage gold is also very important to obtain victory.
Metalrage Korea GameHi robot developed by third-person shooting online games, is currently in the Japanese market has not undergone internal testing. Game Unreal2.5 mining technology development, to invigorating fighting, fierce fighting has attracted many gamers eyes.

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