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Magic online games 2009-12-30 09:06

Alganon have been known to completely replace World of Warcraft and its visual style and WOW indeed similar. Game in order to crusade against the background of players to join the two camps to compete for the supreme right to fight for it. Players can choose multiple racial and career, mixed skill system makes the role of the upgrade there are several options. You can also create their own small group, practice trading skills, expedition set foot on the road, and more can be Asheroth and Kujix two camps in the choice to join the wider struggle. The Algan Cross in the war world, the two groups Asheroth and Kujix win the right to life and death battle for the highest. Asheroth represent the light and obedience of nature, Kujix representative is chaos, conquest, convinced that survival of the fittest.
In the ALGANON, the player can select multiple racial and career, and the role of skills development system is mixed, that is, can be diversified development. The game is set to the Crusades, the player can choose to join a symbol of light and order Asheroth, or the chaos and dark Kujix two camps to fight.
In the game requires a lot of alganon gold to survive, just like our real life, alganon online gold is necessary, alganon money can buy clothing, equipment, pharmaceuticals, you can also use cheap alganon gold currency trading with other players, if it is not enough ,you can buy alganon gold.
As the images, and the subject are similar to the World of Warcraft, Alganon the cottage has been challenged as the U.S. version of Warcraft, this game is making people have repeatedly clarified that only a style, like his goal was at first glance like a devil Beast, the second eye was found in fact not Warcraft.    

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Latest 3D mmorpg call of chaos 2009-12-30 09:05

Who has developed G2 and Skid Rush South Korean game company Npluto, today announced that its large-scale 3D MMORPG Call of Chaos will be August 26 to enter public beta. At the same time on-line along with Call of Chaos totally revamped the official website. Players also show the official public beta before the final video.
Call of Chaos seizing the large-scale 3D online game where basically the fun and provide a stable perspective and convenient operation, for the players to create a friendly gaming experience. As a Call of Chaos in developer and operator. Npluto Company is committed to Call of Chaos in the virtual world gives players the opportunity to experience the fun of the original MMORPG.
Call of chaos gold in the game provide players with a lot of convenience, coc gold can commerce transactions, or purchase of equipment, some of the more low-level equipment can spend cheap Call of chaos gold, if your Call of chaos money is not enough, you can also buy Call of chaos gold to game operators.
The new large-scale 3Donline role-playing games, using a 45-degree angle of depression design with excellent picture. The game not only created many new events for the players to experience, it also provides a large number of high-degree of freedom of game play. Including trade unions warfare, siege warfare and other system are also a perfect integration of them.
It has a similar paradise overlooking the 45 degrees the conduct of operational and simple, free characteristics of PK. The open beta testing in Korea as a result of the first search site ranking rose of the Naver to No.1 by the players attention.  

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Virtual reality of the world 2009-12-24 08:57

The virtual world is a comprehensive friend, games, chat, trade and other Internet users demand for products. Users in the community have their own virtual identity, virtual imvu Gold, virtual connections, virtual life and real emotion into. Players can become game developers, with their own creativity, art design skills, through 3dmax, Maya and the official software provided, you can create game virtual clothes, rooms, cars and so on. And to operate in the community, access to IMVU Credit of income, buy IMVU Credits in order to survive.
It is after four years of development, IMVU Credits per month above the current market demand to reach 1.5 million U.S. dollars, demand for more than 18million dollars a year.
In this game, players are no longer think this is playing a virtual game, bur the success of the game can truly change your life in the real world. For example, you are sitting on in the game which is a 300 million Linden Dollars, the richest, then when you put the virtual assets into dollars, you are in reality become a millionaire. Some people can not help but said the success of the game effectively changed the reality of your life, you will feel you inside the game to just spend time enough, and it is so vividly brought wealth for you.
The success of this game, it is possible to change our traditional access to the Internet model. The game inside and in the Internet world is interconnected. That in the cyber world of the characters, events, and so will be a real place in the game inside, the corresponding information in the game on the Internet also can learn about. The corresponding information in the game on the Internet also can learn about. The traditional Internet access to information is only one window, and then the IMVU experience the reality of the Internet is a network world. In this day and age, we are in the virtual world, a better simulation of reality, then the browser will become, we have access to the virtual world client. In this browser, it is important to experience, not access to information.

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A popular game 2009-12-24 08:57

Karos Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game combat system, economic system as the core emphasis of players to easy, quick way to experience the copy of the task to explore the orthodox style of online gaming background, describe the atmosphere in the Central Valley Century fantasy like Asmara continent a total of 5 different races, the illustrations show the human face of attacks on ethnic tensions. Karos Online emphasizes a high degree of intense inter-ethnic war and Maneuvering, and you want a specific show is full of realistic siege warfare. And it stressed the integration of the orthodox spirit of online role-playing game, combined with large-scale siege warfare, with real-time changes in topography, a copy of the maze, activities, a copy of copy so that players Daguai, you can experience the fun of terrain changes, allowing each access to a copy of all more surprises.
Games have set and cooling systems, when the players line up to a certain time, set up to a certain degree of gas can produce a special props, the game also has mining and fishing recreation system that allows players in the game closer to the real online game of life. Of course, you can also use the karos gold to buy, with karos online gold to buy the special props faster and better, all in all, the karos online carat is still very important, but when you have to be careful when buy karos gold for someone to profit for the purpose of selling pirated your karos carat.
The recent wave of first exposure Karos Online siege warfare video games in South Korea is not only a public beta before the latest content, while R & D team also plans to show Karos Online the development of a full degree of siege warfare. Background of the game to the Middle Ages as a stage, and adopt fantasy style, the first time in the film debut of the characters including archers, warriors, wizards and Swordsman four kinds of occupations, and displayed their skills in batter. In the scenario section, the public, including labyrinth type, trigger event-type underground city.

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In-depth discussions Dragon Valley of their feelings and experiences 2009-12-21 06:49

Over time, mobile, highly anticipated 3D action gaming innovation also knows as Dragon Valley in the development and operation of the unremitting efforts of the team from the domestic players closer. Play this game. I had some feelings and experiences.
First, dragonnest gold is necessary. In the game you need to have a lot of dragonnest online gold. You can use we are using the RMB to buy dragonnest gold. These are very cheap dragonnest gold. dragonnest money is tantamount to our real life money, we can use it to buy items that we need. Second, Remember to enter the match with their clearance level copy of the experience gained is often the highest. Third, demanding a copy of the Do not stronger than, etc. Level-up and then enter, get a better props and more experience. Forth, move to each copy of the will consume a certain fatigue values of the left side of the bottom interface, the value of signs of fatigue, exhausted not have access to a copy of all consumption. Fifth, rating is given to skill points to SP, can go to various vocational instructor at learning skills. Sixth, the role of capacity value, the ability to increase chances of vertigo; agile to improve speed, increase beaten resistance and increase beaten rate; intelligence to improve and increase the ceiling to restore the amount of MP; health and boost its defense force and the maximum Hp. Seventh, fell to the ground when: Press the left mouse button a wake-up attacks; according to any one mobile WSAD keys two times would roll skills, together will determine the invincible instantly.
This game is tense and stimulating, our can try it, perhaps you’ll love it does not necessarily.

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theagency is very fun 2009-12-21 06:49

theagency gold is very fun, the game said it, very simple, is the preference for girls. I have played before.
This game has theagency online gold. You need to buy theagency gold in order to play games. In the game there is cheap theagency this time you can buy a lot of prepare for rainy day.
This game is a test of financial operators, the game will be like going through life, our habits of mind will be the usual financial reflected in the game, the reality is what the game as well.
This is a game of gold, so money is very important to one thing. As long as the stores, you can use the theagency money to buy anything you need. In the game you have to learn to save money, this is the most basic survival.
Of course, we must first put right mentality to play the game, the game is to give their own play, is a fun figure, and makes them happy like.
This is an invented a game, and only after a one off in order to proceed to the next pass, or else lose the need to start over. Back in the game will inevitably have to lose, and at this time we are not discouraged. Back memories come their way in life, are we not fail? The gold incorporates elements of many of our lives; this is my feelings about playing the game. Comparison with the real life, it seems I want to learn more of the gaming experience. Reasons probably are the same, the usefulness of a difference in terminology.
Many of which were good memories, the game of life, life is also much better than this, good memories retractable freely.

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