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Pressure is necessary
2010-06-07 04:25
Silkroad gold is the center whatever we are passing in the game, during much time, we need help, at this time we need show our wisdom, and also we can do well. For example, we can use it to change for skills or experience when we are in the fighting, and also we can make friends with some players. I can teach you a way to improve your ability, and you need pay attention with heart.
Pressure point is to temporarily hide your points do not mean, can you skill points, and you can upgrade your points. Of course I am talking about skill points, so you can help us a good cost. Skill points, you can downgrade to brush approach, I have not tried this, but you can go try, after all, more choice. But I feel no need to deliberately do this thing, from a game design point of view, and here is something you never learn enough, the problem is how to use. And hung up after high-grade how cruel thing. Of course, now no one goes to brush grade, or there is a problem.
Pressure point is necessary. I find that the difference between a skill one, two is no different. Crimping point to want to upgrade skills, and this leveling is very effective. Not pressure point, then we will find these practical skills but can not use. For just people who play this game, basically every class will be added. And why would usually say that the skill upgrading over, in fact, since most of the skills used to. Out the back of the skill level of most, and you now have greater gap, so I think that pressure is necessary.
In short the benefits of pressure point is when you do not understand what the situation rose to remain a stay, there is the practical skills to upgrade. This game practice it is very diverse, leveling difficult, we have to take advantage of every opportunity.

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